Cult Classic…Clinique’s Black Honey Lipstick

The desire for fall to hurry and tie on her running shoes on and sprint into my life ASAP has motivated me to start scouring my closet and makeup train case to see what items I can’t wait to break out for fall. While I was doing that, I spotted one of my favorite lipsticks EVER, Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick.

It’s a cult favorite thanks to its ability to provide the most complimentary sheer wash of just bitten red hue to practically any complexion or tone. Although it’s sheer, it can be buildable, but I love the light shiny sheer look. However, the fun part is that when you first look at the lipstick, it looks almost black, hence the black honey name. Major bonus, its probably one of the moisturizing lipsticks you will ever encounter…SERIOUSLY!

Keep reading to see some more pics!

No, that's not a bruise or burn mark! See how sheer it is with one swipe?!

Off topic, but I never thought I had full lips until I started to take pictures of myself. To think of all the money I wasted on lip plumpers growing up! Not to mention, the burning tingling sensation that practically all lip plumpers possess. *gives the finger to Lip Venoms*

Stay Stylish!

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