Layering Scents w/ Demeter Fragrances

I’m a scent girl! I love scents – for home and body – and this includes perfumes. A few months, I received a few options from Demeter Fragrances and have been enjoying them. The scents are great on their own, but they are also perfect for layering.

Demeter Fragrances | STAINED COUTURE

If you want to find out more about each and which scents I like to layer them with – keep reading.

My favorite types of scents are clean scents, because they tend to enhance the natural scent of your skin. So, the first scent I picked from Demeter was Clean Skin fragrance, which lives up to the name. However, I found out that Demeter Fragrance name their scents the perfect name, but more on that. The Clean Skin smells like freshly cleansed skin after a bubble bath. A gentle scent that has become my go-to scent after a night time shower. However, when I wear it during the day, I pair it Ouai perfume in Melrose. Both scents have rose and bergamot notes with delicate sweet notes. Therefore, they really compliment each other well for a rich, but soft scent.

Next up from Demeter is their Salt Air scent and as the name suggest, it gives all the beachy vibes. As soon as I smelled it, it instantly reminded me of every visit I made to the beach. It’s pretty much smells like a summer vacation to the beach and makes you want to be there immediately. Surprisingly, I wore this scent solo most of the summer, but at times would pair it Beach Walk by Maison Margiel ‘REPLICA’. Both scents smell like a beach, but totally different. The REPLICA scent has notes of coconut that’s similar to your favorite beachy sunscreen, whereas Salt Air smells like being in the salt water on a sunny day. All vibes that I loved!

While I was browsing the super vast list of scents and before I knew the names were true to the scent, I selected the perfume Cannabis Flower. Wow. This smelled like every boy that I had a crush on in junior high and high school, who probably love celebrating 420! Although I can’t imagine why someone would want to smell like they just smoked a blunt, I had fun playing around with this one. I tried quite a few scents with this one, but I love the way it smelled when combined with my signature scent – Romance by Ralph Lauren. Romance is clean floral scent that when paired with the cannabis scent created a soft musk unisex scent. So many men told me I smelled good when I wore this combo. LOL

The final scent I selected was the scent called New Zealand, which is interesting, too. Unlike the previous scents, I have/had no clue what New Zealand smells like. However, when I do think of that country, I think of rain and foliage. So, this scent does match my thoughts and it’s very masculine scent. To soften the scent, I paired this with Derek Lam 10 Crosby in Silent St. which is super soft scent. The soft musk scent helps blend these 2 scents together perfectly.

Has anyone else tried Demeter Fragrances?


*gifted but opinions are my own

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