eSTYLIST: Easter Outfit 2016

One of the main things I miss from my childhood (the first one will always be ‘No bills’) is my mom buying my brother and I new outfit for holidays, especially a new Easter outfit. My Easter outfit usually included a big fluffy dress with a bow somewhere, a big lace sock, shiny, white patent leather shoes (my fav), and white straw-like hat with a ribbon (my least fav). Unfortunately, a single woman with no kids, my adult Easter outfits have been mostly pastel suits or shift dress. They’re my go-to since, I rarely ever wear them again…just like my childhood Easter outfits. Some things never change.

As those of you who received my weekly email (Sign-up in the sidebar), I always include a weekly eStylist post that’s reflective of my “style vibes” of the moment. I recently asked that if you’ve had questions of concerns about styling an item, to ask me. Well, someone recently asked me about this satin pleat midi skirt and how to style it for Easter. I thought it would be great to keep it youthful and feminine by pairing it with a bright floral print, but demure accessories. She (Hi, Nadine!) loved it! So, I thought that I would share it as an inspiration for an Easter outfit 2016, in case you were still looking for inspirations and suggestions.


If you’re not a fan of the bare shoulders look, you can easily switch it with a simple fitted white tee or cover up with a light and feminine white vest, jacket, or even light scarf. Options are a girl’s real best friend!!

eSTYLIST Easter Outfit 2016 Details:

Rhinestone Rose Stud Earrings –  Gem Layered Necklace –  Kate Spade New York Jettie Crossbody –  Satin Pleat Midi Skirt –  Steve Madden ‘Sandalia’ Sandals –  Plain Sud Strapless Lace Top

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