I’ve been MIA, because I moved a couple of weekends ago and as you can tell by my Instagram photo above, I’m still not completely unpacked. One of the double edge swords about moving is that you find stuff you forgot you had (Yay!), but then you realize that more stuff that you didn’t calculate in your moving estimate (Boo!)

The deets. One of my sisters and I found this cute little 3 bedroom house to rent that we instantly fell in love with thanks to the character of an older home, hardwood floors, great natural light, big back yard for our dogs, and front deck that we can’t wait to enjoy when it warms up. This past weekend, we finally got the cable and internet hooked up, but a virus decided to move, too, right into my computer. So, yeah, its currently getting fixed and I’m hoping  I should get it back any day now.

Although we are pretty much settled in, we still have to shop for a few things here and there, the main one being me a new bed, because I gave my other one to her (long story) and now I need to go buy a new bed. Shopping for essentials is hard to do when you have a full-time job along with unpacking, However, this weekend, we plan to tackle all of these issues and my computer will hopefully be back and all will be good in my little Stained world once again. *Fingers crossed*

Stay Stylish!

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