EMPTIES: December 2023

Head’s up – I used up a lot of products back in December! So, this is a slightly longer EMPTIES post compared to the last few. However, I did break it up into two sections for easy consumption.

EMPTIES: December 2023 | HAIR & BODY


The hair body section is small but good! The first product up is Lume Acidified Body Wash. Over the last year, I’ve tried a couple of the Lume natural deodorants. However, this body wash was a hit because this helped minimize body order while making me feel fresh all day. Plus, it was my go-to body wash in the summer and it did not let me down. The scent was good, but I think I’ll try another scent next time. Yes, I’m buying this again.

The next 2 products were part of an Amika hydrating shampoo gift set my BFF got me for my birthday. I need a hydrating shampoo and conditioner to use in my tandem washing routine. The kit came with a deluxe sample of the Hydro Rush Leave-In Conditioner, which was lightweight and made my hair feel so soft. The Dream Routine Overnight treatment helped me wake up to hydrated feeling hair. Although, these were sample sizes, they did the job and made me want to try the full size versions, which I will.

I used up the shampoo in my Olaplex set and almost finished with the conditioner. I’m certain the conditioner will be in next months EMPTIES post. During my last hair appointment, I got some highlights to add some brightness. However, I created a bunch of breakage due to putting the wrong products in my hair. So, I’m currently in repair mode and  have the Amika bond shampoo set. Still, the Olaplex bond maintenance products will always hold a place in my heart and future shopping carts.

The ORS Oil Moisturizer hair lotion will always be one of the products I keep for my hair. However, I probably won’t buy it again until I get my hair back healthy, because it’s too heavy. Still, I’ll buy it again and again.


EMPTIES: December 2023 (skincare & makeup)

Last month, I used up some deluxe samples from another set, but this was for the face. The set was Murad Hydrate set to help with hydrating the skin. Can you tell I was all about hydration last month? The set came with the Murad BHA/AHA cleanser, as well as their Hydro-Dynamic moisturizer. I loved using this moisturizer at night to help skin feel hydrated and soft. It’s that good and I will buy the full size, as well as the full size of their Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil.

I love a good skin oil and this was so good. After washing my face with the Murad cleanser, I would massage this on my skin before applying  the moisturizer. That combo was perfect for exfoliation night.

The product is Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin eye cream. I bought this because it was on clearance at Walgreens, but it did not disappoint. If you are looking for a simple hydrating undereye cream, try this one. I only used it at night, because it’s too hydrating to work with my waterproof concealer.

Another good duo are these from Bare Minerals – Liquid Mineral Foundation and Mineral powder. Both of these products are iconic in their own right, but it took me quite awhile to use them. However, that is because you don’t really need a lot of either. The foundation has amazing coverage but still lightweight on the skin. The powder is the perfect translucent powder for most shades. I would absolutely buy both of these products again.

Another one of my favorite setting powders is from Clinique. Honestly, Clinique products will always hold a place in my heart. Plus, my mom used them, too. I’ve used a wide range of products from them, but their powders will always be my fav. The Clinique loose powder is lightweight and gives a nice blurring appearance to the skin. Love it! The E.L.F HD finishing powder is pretty good, as well. It’s an affordable pressed translucent powder that is comparable to higher brands.

The last product is one of Biore new sunscreens in SPF 50. I loved this sunscreen so much, because it made my skin look and feel moisturized. It can  be hard to find a sunscreen that moisturizes while providing sun protection. The one in SPF 35 will more than likely be in next month’s EMPTIES post, FYI!

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