EMPTIES: January 2023

EMPTIES: January 2023EMPTIES: January 2023 | STAINED COUTURE

As you can see, I used up quite a many products last month. So, keep reading to see my recent final take on these products.

First up is another tube of Differin gel, which this will probably be it’s last in an EMPTIES post. The reason being is that Differin is one of those products I buy whenever my hormonal acne will not chill. However, Differin can also act as a beginner step into adding a retinoid to your skincare routine, because it helps improve skin texture over time. So, I will definitely buy this for along time and it’s definitely one of thos product that will be in my skincare cabinet.

Let’s stick with retinols and jump down to the Paula’s Choice 1% retinol. I usually use this up in couple of months, but it lasted longer this time due to only using it for retinol night in skin cycling.

My go-to mascara routine with Lancome products has brought me so much joy. Honestly, I don’t see myself not using the Lancome Idole Lash and Monseir mascaras anytime soon. I’ve already repurchased these and still in love.

I’ve really been slipping on hydrating my skin and using hydrating products. Still, one of my favorite hydrating cleansers in by CeraVe. I usually buy the larger size, but they only had the travel size the day I bought this. So, I guess I’m not the only one that loves this stuff. Personally, I think everyone needs a hydrating and gentle cleanser in the skincare regimen.

Finally, the ELF Power Grip Primer is so worth the hype and definitely one of the best drugstore primers out there. People say it’s a dupe for the MILK Hydro primer and I agree. However, I think this one is better because it only costs $10. You have to love an affordable product that works. Although I recently bought a couple of other drugstore primers on after Christmas clearance, I still want to pick up another one of this primers now. 😬

Have you tried any of the products in this month’s EMPTIES post? Share below!

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