eSTYLIST: Fall Uniform 2018

I’m just now getting used to cold mornings, warming my car up, and having to wear socks practically everyday. However, I’ve finally come to terms that I won’t be wearing flips flops anytime soon. Most seasons, I have a go-to outfit; usually mixing of simple pieces and casual accessories. Basically, I have a uniform each season and now it’s time for my fall uniform this year.


This season, I decided that I need to finally step away from my favorite go-to look of leggings, oversize tee, combat boots, and denim jacket. Instead, I want to go wit a slightly relaxed pair of blue jeans; not too dark or light. Although I still can’t turn away from a comfy tee, I will look for tees that are more formed tees and less oversized, stretched out options. Also, I want to move on from combat boots to more structured shoes and with a heel, which will make my insteps totally hate me. Finally, time to let my denim jacket get some rest and not wear it everyday. Instead, ovesized and cozy looking cardigans are my jam for this season. However, I will still reach for my denim jacket, just not as much.

Keep reading to get the details on the items include in the image above.

eSTYLIST: Fall Uniform 2018

What’s your fall uniform looking like this season? Share below.

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