eSTYLIST: Holiday Parties 2016

estylist holiday parties 2016

Oh, holiday parties! Despite me being an introvert and cringe at most social gatherings, I do enjoy a good holiday Christmas party. Usually, most Christmas parties I get invited to are thrown by close friends and include a full stocked open bar. So, Christmas parties are usually very fun. This year, I have a couple to attend and I’m not sure what I’m wearing to any of them. Well, there is one that I have to dress up as a present with some other friends, but let’s move past that for the moment.

For the most part, I’m hoping to find a green lace dress, but nothing too provocative, obviously. I want to pair the green lace with rose gold accessories. Hopefully, you will be able to get the vision I have with this edition of eStylist for holiday parties 2016. Get all the details from this look below.

eSTYLIST: Holiday Parties 2016



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