eSTYLIST: Spring Uniform 2023

eSTYLIST: Spring Uniform 2023

eSTYLIST: Spring Uniform 2023 | STAINED COUTURE

It’s finally my second favorite season; Spring! My favorite part of spring is the weather that starts off cool, bur5 eventually warms up to pleasant sunny day. Unfortunately, that pesky groundhog may have been right, because Winter weather is still lingering. However, I peeped the forecast, and the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny – just how I like it.

Although I’ve been wanting to start shopping for spring, it’s been hard to get in the spirit with cold and cloudy weather. Thankfully, the hope that that’s about to change has motivated me to start filling my online shopping carts. However, I want to start with getting pieces for my go-to look for spring – my seasonal spring uniform.

When I think of a seasonal uniform, I think more about the silhouette with pieces that you can interchange. Using the same shape but with different colors and textures give you more style options. This spring, I want to be all about the easy, casual and chic of jeans, oversized button up blouse with textured accessories.

On that note, here is the what I want my spring uniform to be for 2023.

eSTYLIST: Spring Uniform 2023

  • Distressed Bell Bottoms – I’ve been wanting a pair of bell bottoms for a while and I’m loving the distress of this pair.
  • Button-down Striped Poplin Shirt – You can ever go wrong with too many loose button ups, because can dress them up or down. Plus, so many colors and design, but I always fancy vertical stripe ones.
  • Large Woven Satchel – I’m obsessed with this bag and it was so close to being on my next LHL post, but it’s my dream spring bag, at the moment.
  • Mixed Media Bracelet Stack -Recently, I’ve started to want to bring bracelet stacks back into my daily wear. I love that this bracelet gives the look of stacks, but it’s only one piece.

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