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This year has really been pivotal to me. I got a new job, that I love at the pay scale that I wanted to be when I reached 30. Oh, and I turn 30 this year (September 26th)! Also, I’ve been more responsible with my money and saving more, which is a lot easier now that I make more. I’ve been taking advantage of all the things my bank has to offer, including but not limited to, savings account, online banking,  and various security and protection plans for my accounts. I use all I these things to make sure that I’m respecting my money and future.

In the past, spending has definitely been my best friend and retail therapy was my favorite drug and cured everything, in my opinion. However, I ‘m looking more into the future and looking into buying my first home within the next year or so. Therefore, I’m making smarter decisions when it comes to my money and spending habits, which can be quite hard when you are a fashion blogger. Still, I’m doing it thanks to finding the right bank for me and my financial goals.

Just like when anything that requires you to cut back on things (i.e. diets), I’m not depriving myself of wants, every now and then. When you begin to make smarter spending decisions, you will be able to find that amazing point when you can splurge on something like I plan to do for my 30th birthday gift to myself.

So, if you have been trying to sort out your financial future, you definitely need to find the right bank for you try to take advantage of all of the things that offer to keep you on track.

SunTrust has consistently ranked at the top for customer service for a good reason – they understand their customers. This lets them provide the right solutions to meet those customers’ unique needs. They believe banking solid is the key to living solid. See for yourself at, where you’ll find many great articles, tools and tips on everything from shopping to family to money.

Stay Stylish!

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