Free People November Collection 2016

free people november 2016

This past weekend, I slowly started to get my mind into preparing for the upcoming holiday season. However, Free People just released their November 2016 collection is shifting me into full on glam holiday mode.

This month’s editorial is broken into 4 moods: Blushed, Smitten, Cozy, and Glowing With FP Me. Each mood features holiday-ready styles and spirit. Keep reading to see the entire editorial.

Free People November Collection 2016

Current Mood: Blushed

This mood highlights festive silhouettes from sparkly minis, essential must have faux fur jackets and silky long dresses. Each look has the perfect added touch from statement earrings that shine all night to the tiara that makes you feel like the belle of the ball.

free-people-novemebr-catalog-2016_andreea-diddy-o free-people-novemebr-catalog-2016_andreea-diddy-c free-people-novemebr-catalog-2016_andreea-diddy-b free-people-novemebr-catalog-2016_andreea-diddy-w free-people-novemebr-catalog-2016_andreea-diddy-e

Current Mood: Smitten

This mood features the essential pieces that will keep you cozy all winter long from oversized sweaters, joggers, and knee high socks. Warning: Contains pictures with cute kittens.

free-people-november-catalog-2016_smitten-1 free-people-november-catalog-2016_smitten-2 free-people-november-catalog-2016_smitten-3 free-people-november-catalog-2016_smitten-4 free-people-november-catalog-2016_smitten-5

Current Mood: Cozy

In this mood, each look flawlessly shows off the styles and trends for the winter ahead, including faux fur earmuffs, sparkly statement tops to oversized sweaters

free-people-current-mood-cozy-2016-b free-people-current-mood-cozy-2016-c free-people-current-mood-cozy-2016-d free-people-current-mood-cozy-2016-e free-people-current-mood-cozy-2016-h

Current Mood: Glowing With FP Me

This mood is all about celebrating natural beauty from the inside out staring FP Me customers. Each girl lets her beauty shine through, highlighting their favorite beauty aspect. Whether it’s an eye, lip, or brow, Free People has the products you need to add a little sparkle to your look this season.

free-people-november-2016-catalog_fpme-1 free-people-november-2016-catalog_fpme-2 free-people-november-2016-catalog_fpme-3 free-people-november-2016-catalog_fpme-4 free-people-november-2016-catalog_fpme-5 free-people-november-2016-catalog_fpme-6


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