Handbags for Spring 2018

Spring is here and all I’ve been wanting to do is add spring-worthy pieces to my closet. In my opinion, the best way to transition your wardrobe from season to the next is with accessories. So, that’s why I’m starting with adding handbags for spring to my life.

Hnadbags for Spring 2018 / STAINED COUTURE

To see what bags I’m leaning into this season, keep reading.

Handbags for Spring: Structured Clutch

Handbags for Spring - Cut Gaia Ark Clutch

A good structured clutch is an easy bag to carry and conversation piece. Cult Gaia totes are definite statement pieces, but also minimalist. Since they came on the scene a couple of years ago, they have evolved into different shapes and colors. However, you can’t go wrong with the iconic Ark Clutch and I love the soft white Mother of Pearl option.

Handbags for Spring: Weekend Tote

Handbags for Spring - Sundry Hang Local Tote

Having a large tote for the weekend is good to have for impromptu outdoor activities or weekend getaways. Sundry makes these amazing oversized twill totes with graphics and pompom details. The light pink on with ‘Hang Local’ is cute and my motto for the spring, FYI.

Handbags for Spring: Small Ornate

Handbags for Spring - Beatrice Satchel

Last spring, I was all about carrying small bags and pouches. I still have love and appreciate them, including this small and ornate Lizzie Fortunato Beatrice Satchel. That dusty rose roped handle, though. This bag looks like a masterpiece.

Handbags for Spring: Hip Pack

A few months ago, I was so over everyone wearing fanny packs. However, yesterday I started planning festivals I want to attend in the upcoming month and realized I needed one. No matter if you call them fanny packs or hip packs, they are great to wear while trying to carry you plastic cup of wine and food truck plate while finding a place to perch at any upcoming festival or outdoor event.  This circle quilted fanny pack is not functional, but chic.

What handbag do you have your eye on for spring? Share below!

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