Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

I’m up early thing morning to do a little light cooking, but also to express how grateful I am! Actually, I try to live a completely grateful life, not matter what bad things happen. My faith is so strong, I can do nothing, but live a life where I appreciate everything I have, which includes support friends and family, a great job, and a roof over my shoulders.

Appreciating everything that God has helped me and given me to have an amazing life is not something I take lightly. I grateful that I woke up this and every morning before today and going forth. I’m thankful that I’m still learning things about myself and actively trying to not take for granted this ultimate gift of life. I’m appreciative that my life is continuing to flourish at a steady pace so I can enjoy each moment.

On this day, let’s decide to make the effort to live a grateful life everyday. Trust me, it will be beautiful!

Also, there will be no Link-End Round-Up this week. However, I will be back next week with new posts and few pounds heavier. #LeSigh

Have a happy Thanksgiving! What are you grateful for the most this year?

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