How To Grow Out Your Nails


I hate when I break a nail, especially if my nails are in a medium to long length. Not only does my nails feel weird when balling my hands, but they look noticeably uneven. Since I’m borderline obsessed with uniform and even nails, I reluctantly break out my nail clippers and file and even up all my nails.

After all my nails are even up, I break out three little bottles for three steps to prepare myself and my nails for the regrowth process.

  1. After shaping my nails, I apply a layer of Sally Hansen Vitamin E and Cuticle Oil to my nails, cuticles, and skin around my nails. I’ve raved about this product too many times to too many people. This oil is great for moisturizing and soften the cuticle to easy pushing back of the cuticle, if needed. I tend to massage the oil into to each nail and cuticle. You can leave the oil on, but in this process, I wash it off after about 5 minutes.
  2. Once my hands are washed and completely dry, I apply a thin layer of Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps Hardener. I love this stuff! It gives you the look and feel of gel polish without the hassle of removing it by soaking your nails. Plus, it helps strengthen your nails.
  3. When it comes to my polish selection during this process, I opt for nude and sheer polishes about the same shade as my nail bed. I choose these type of shades to not draw people to my short nails and the regrowth. Currently, I’m using Essie’s ‘Sugar Daddy’ polish and 2 coats helps enhance the natural shade of my nails.
  4. Finally, after my polish is dry, I apply one more coat of the Hard As Nails and voila’! I’m usually able to hold and upkeep this with little to no-chipping for 1-2 weeks. Also, 1-2 times a day, I apply massage some of the Vitamin E oil on and around my nails to stimulate healthy nail growth.

This process helps me with strengthening and ultimately growing even, strong, and long nails.

Stay Stylish!

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