I’ve been trying to use this eye primer up for the past few months and this weekend, I finally hit pan! Keep reading to see why I am glad to get this out my make-up collection and life!

Over a year ago, I was on a mission to find products that would help keep my make-up in tact all day. One of the first things I wanted was a eye primer to prevent  my shadow from creasing. So, the lady at the MAC counter swore that this would be the answer to my problem. WRONG!

It was basically a concealer in a pot that slowed down the process of my eyeshadow creasing. Basically, instead of my shadow creasing by 11 a.m, it stayed uncreased until noon. Boo.

A month later, I discovered the magnificence that is Urban Decay primer potion and the M.A.C eye primer slowly moved to the back of my primer section in my make-up collection.

A month ago, I ran out of the primer potion and decided that before I buy another eye primer I needed to get rid of this M.A.C Prep + Prime eye primer once and for all. So, after almost 2 months of constant use, I am proud to show that I’m done and scratch this off of my list of make-up things I want to use up! Now, all I have to do is go buy more a couple of primer potion!

Do you have any make-up that you are or want to try and use up to get rid of?

Stay Stylish!

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