IOTW: Brow Blade by Urban Decay

Stained Couture Item of the Week: Urban Decay Brow Blade Ink Stain Brow Pencil

IOTW: Brow Blade by Urban Decay | STAINED COUTURE

I’ve been feeling a little uncertain about posting content, because of the current state our world. However, for mental purposes, I need to create a sense of normality. So, here I am to talk about the latest beauty product that I’ve tried and obsessed with. The product that I’m speaking of is Urban Decay’s Brow Blade. Keep reading to see why this product has been rocking my world and struggling eye brows.

For the past few years, I’ve had a go-to eyebrow pencil, which I will still continue to buy. However, pre-pandemic, I got my hair dyed a reddish Auburn color. I love the color, but my various shades of brown eyebrow pencils didn’t work for me. So, I started to look for red eyebrow products to give my brows a hint of red. Unfortunately, this caused me to buy quite a few red eyebrow products, but one did work out. Not only did it work for the color match, but the also filling in my brows.

Urban Decay recently released their new brow product called Brow Blade. What makes this brow product differ from most is that it has a pencil on one end a marker tip on the other end. The pencil end is waterproof and helps you shape and fill your brows. The application with the pencil is easy and the pigmentation is great. Actually, the pencil alone is great enough that I would buy it again. However, the marker tip end is the game-changer, because it is amazing.

The marker end is actually an ink stain. The ink tip is precise enough to give hair-like strokes. This brow pen will give you the look of natural brows you would get from microblading, hence the name.

To use this pen properly, use the pencil end first – on clean, dry skin. You should avoid using this over primer and foundation, because the foundation may include ingredients that could cause the pencil to smudge. Also, you use the pencil first, because it causes it prevents the ink/stain from shifting colors. Sounds complicated, but it’s not. Plus, the results are worth it.

Initially, I only bought Brow Blade in Gingersnap, which it their red/auburn color. However, I loved it so much, I went ahead and ordered it the warm brown shade in Cafe’ Kitty. I can’t wait to test this product out even more in the summer.

Brow Blade comes in 9 shades and can be purchased on and all UD retailers. I got both of mine from Ulta.

Have you tried Brow Blade? If not, are you interested in trying it? Share below.

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