IOTW: Cowrie Shell Necklace

I’d been wanting a cowrie pendent necklace for a while now. So, when I saw this Shashi Cowrie hell necklace last month, I had to have it. Apparently, the cowrie shell symbolizes womanhood, fertility, birth, and wealth, which are great. However, I just think it looks chic and compliments most casual” jeans and tee” looks. Wearing this necklace with an all black look helps it stand out even more.

Shashi also has a cowrie bracelet and earrings, in case you want more. However, I can’t NOT recommend this necklace too much, which you can adjust to wear short or slightly long. I also love the little burgundy tassel at the end of the clasp. I live for extra, but simple details.

This is going to kill so many of my spring and summer looks that are currently in my head.

How do you feel about cowrie shell jewelry? Share below!

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