JOURNALING: More Than One Way To Do It


You might recall that one of the things that I vowed to do this year was journal everyday. Well…everyday was a strong declaration that I failed almost instantly. As an introvert and person who aspires to live a life of minimal stress and endless happiness, I found myself ditching the whole “writing down my every thought while taking subtle pauses to drift off into the horizon and in deep thought” moments and instead just live my moments and carry on.

Although that might not sound bad to you, it was horrible for me as it was realization that I was “punking out” on a goal and not taking it on wholeheartedly as I initially intended. It was a little discerning considering that I love to write. I  mean you’re reading the words of a girl who used to spend hours pouring her thoughts into creative stories as a child and long ramblings of angst and relationships in her diaries in high school and college. Not to mention, I was the editor of my high school paper, writer for a city-wide paper for Memphis high-schoolers, and I have a B.A in Journalism.

Therefore, I decided that I didn’t want to go out like that and so soon. I mean it was still January when I had gave up on journaling everyday. Still January.

After deciding that I needed to get back to my plan, I did what I always do when I want to learn how to do or improve something, I asked Google! Although I was looking for tips and tricks on how to consistently write daily journal entries reminiscent of the long diary entries of my yesteryear, I was instead introduced to different ways to journal. A-ha!

I was a little more than surprised to realize that are quite a few ways to journal other than the traditional vomiting your words by scribbling them on paper. After trying a few methods, I finally realized that bullet journaling worked best for me.

Bullet Journaling


My personal favorite way to journal is with the bullet technique. There are numerous ways to bullet journal, including monthly and weekly. However, as usual, I gravitated toward the minimalist way of daily bullet journaling. With my journal wide open (2 pages visible) on the right page I list all the things I need to accomplish for the day. Sort of like a “to-do” list. On the left page, I scribble down thoughts, ideas, and notes that come to my mind throughout the day such as reminders to schedule a doctor appointment or idea for a blog post. Sometimes, depending on the urgency of the note, I move it to my to-list for the day.

Since I work a “9-5”, but also have luxury to work on my side projects and blog when I have time during the day, I divide my tasks into two lists; one for work and one for side projects. I always try to get my work tasks done first and tackle m y side projects during my lunch break or when I need a break from my work task. I’m an awesome multi-tasker.

Speaking of urgency. Some things on my to-do list, like most people’s list, are more important that others. So, I highlight my most important task to help me recognize the things I need to focus more on and usually, what to finish first. As the day goes along and I complete tasks, I use an orange highlighter to mark those things complete.

These techniques have really helped me maneuver through my days more productively while being able to say that journal daily.

Do any of your do daily journaling or have even tried bullet journaling? If so, please share!

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