LINK-END ROUND-UP: June 9, 2017

Stained Couture’s weekly series, Link-End Round-Up, features interesting reads I read from around the internet this week.

link-end round-up

Nothing to report here. This week has been pretty mundane, but I guess that’s good. What’s the saying, “No news, is good news”?

What am I talking about? I do have news; a newsletter that comes out every Monday called ‘Monday Minute”. I’m really excited about starting this newsletter again. Not only do I love sharing quick little tidbits, but it’s another venue I can use to get all of these content ideas of my head. When I say that my mind is always brewing ideas, I mean it. Unfortunately, some of this ideas are too small for a post or don’t really fit into my content calendar. Have you signed up, yet? If not, you can easily sign-up in the right sidebar. I know you see it. 🙂

While I’m at, I have to thank those of you signed up for this week. As you know, or might not know, this site is not my job. So, I don’t really have the time to promote and grow this site as big as I would like, because I’m too busy helping other businesses grow there brands. However, I do have a small and devoted group of followers (That’s you!) that supports my site and follows me on social media.  Therefore, I was shocked by the number of people who signed up, but so overwhelmed. So, when you signed up, you became my accountability partner. Now, I have to focus time to creating an email every Monday, because of you. So, thank you so much!

As for this week, I have no plans and that’s just how I like. However, for the past couple of weekends, I’ve been taking Sunday drives and it’s so nice. I recently read that back in the 50s (and earlier), before there was TVs filled with apps to stream movies, people would go on evening drives. It’s been nice to dedicate an hour to driving around parts of the city I haven’t been to in years or stumble across areas that I didn’t know existed. Actually, last weekend, I took my sister around the city to show her all the places we lived when she was a baby. I also took her to other significant places in her life such as old daycares and schools she attended. It was interesting to see that some of those places are no longer around or are home to other businesses.

How about this weekend, you go on a drive and explore your city. It’s fun to discover a new restaurant or park a that you didn’t know was around the corner. Do it!

In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy this week’s Link-End Round-Up featured articles and I will see you Monday in your inbox!

LINK-END ROUND-UP: June 9, 2017

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