LINK-END ROUND-UP: October 26, 2018

Stained Couture’s weekly series, Link-End Round-Up, features interesting reads I read from around the internet this week.


Happy Friday, which is also the last Friday of October 2018. I’m sorry for the lack of posts this week, but truth is I’m tired and I’ve been very busy. Actually, I decided to take today off to play catch-up with some of things that have fallen to the waistside in my life, such as laundry. I seriously have to tackle the overflowing load of laundry in my bedroom before it creeps up and tackles me.

Speaking of creeping up, Halloween is right around the corner and I feel like I haven’t indulged in enough horror movies. However, I binge the Netflix original Haunting of Hill House and it was so good. Definitely worthy of the time I binged it while at working. I might try to watch it again this weekend to spot all the “ghosts” hiding in some scenes. I’m probably going to dedicate Sunday afternoon to watching horror movies.

This weekend, I’m going to begin planning out my holiday shopping guides, which is daunting. As a blogger, this time of year gets hectic with email submissions and packages. So, this weekend is all about sorting everything out. I guess I can do this during my watch-a-thon on Sunday.

Here’s to a great weekend!

LINK-END ROUND-UP: October 26, 2018


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