LINK-END ROUND-UP: October 5, 2018

Stained Couture’s weekly series, Link-End Round-Up, features interesting reads I read from around the internet this week.


Happy Friday! Although it feels like Friday sneaked up on me, I feel like this week lasted forever. Days are longer in the summer and it’s fall, but these past couple of weeks have felt like almost a month. Now that I think about it, a lot changes are beginning to happen in my life. My nephew/ new “roomie” came 2 weeks ago today, which means I’ve been beefing up my plans to find a new place to move. I haven’t lived on my own in few years, but I’m so looking forward to it!

On the work front, a member of my work team is leaving and moving back home to Georgia. Thankfully, our our team is running pretty smoothly now and won’t need to hire a new replacement at the moment. So, her responsibilities are being shifted to another team member and myself. So, on Monday, there will be some training to get everything and everybody on a plan.

Another thing that the arrival of my nephew brought for me is more time. Since my sister used to work 12 hour shifts, I would take her to work after I got off work and pick her up in the morning before I went to work. I only did this 3-4 time a week, but now I don’t have to do that ever again. Now, I have all this extra time to sleep in the morning and also expand the steps in my nightly skincare routine. However, I’m thinking about looking for a seasonal job to help with moving expenses and to plump up my a couple of my savings accounts.

This weekend, I want to do absolutely nothing. Shoot, I might even put my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’, because I need a mental break. Check back on Monday to see if that happened…or not.

LINK-END ROUND-UP: October 5, 2018

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