Looking For A New Grown Woman Bag

Last year was the year a minimized various areas in my daily life. However, the main thing that I minimized was my everyday grown woman bag. Ever since I was in high school, I always carried a big purse, be it a tote or oversized satchel. The bigger it was, the more likely I would want it and buy it. However, last year, I decide that I wanted to challenge myself to start carrying smaller bags. Not only were my bags last year “smaller”, but they were pretty much mini bags.

Grown woman bags stained Couture

It took me a while to get used to only carrying a bag that could only hold my phone, keys, and maybe a tube of lipstick. However, after a couple of months, my mini purse became my new norm. In the fall, I eventually upgraded to carrying small, but roomy pouches. This challenge has been fun for the past year, but I’m ready to start carrying roomy purses again. Thankfully, I already found a few possible contenders that meet my needs.

grown woman bag olve green satchelThe last time I went into Target, I was mesmerized by all of the selection of handbags and accessories. I saw so many purses that wanted could build a case to say I needed. However, I didn’t see this Peyton satchel in-store, but spotted in browsing online while waiting for my Chai latte order. I love the clean shape and top handle on this bag, because it makes it easy to grab. Although this bag is available in black and grey, I’m leaning more toward the olive green. Olive green is one of my favorite unexpected neutral colors.

Grown Woman Bag madewell drawstring bag

I haven’t had a drawstring bag in decades and Madewell’s leather drawstring tote has been on my mind for months. A couple of months, I was going to order it, but deferred until after the holidays. Well, it’s after the holidays and it’s back on my radar. I feel like I couldn’t go wrong with this bag in any color, but I can’t turn my back on a leather bag in the perfect shade of cognac. It looks too good to not want and I just love Madewell’s leather goods.

Grown woman bag zara midi tote

A good structured bag is always appreciated and I feel they never go out of style. The clean lines and cool grey shade of this midi tote from Zara is so good. Not to mention, the structured shade and single top handle gives it a chic and retro vibe. Very ladylike.

Do you have a bag that you consider your grown woman bag?

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