Valentine’s Day Ideas for You

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Honestly, I’ve never been that big into this holiday – no matter if I’m single or not. The introvert in me doesn’t like attention, which comes with being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. However, as a person who identifies “gift giving” as my top love language, V-Day can have it’s high points. lol Still, over the years, I’ve found that the best way for me to enjoy the day of love is to focus on doing things that I love. Most Valentine’s Day ideas that you can do for you fall under self-care, which works for me.

Valentine's Day Ideas for You | STAINED COUTURE

So, keep reading to see my list of things that I’ve done for myself on Valentine’s Day. Remember, these are things you can do regardless of your relationship status and can be done all year.

I always try to book a self-care beauty service, which can include a massage or hair appointment. I have an appointment the day after Valentine day this year, but I’m thinking about going to get quick gel manicure on my lunch break. I’m trying to get back to getting regular manicures again.

Also, speaking of lunch, take yourself out to lunch. Most people go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day, which means that the lunch crowd may be a little more quiet. Plus, not so filled with people being all lovey dovey. Next, I may stop pick myself a new scent. I’ve been eyeing the FENTY perfume and it’s finally available in-store at Sephora.

The next thing I sometimes do is buy myself some candy and/or flowers. However, I try buy items that don’t scream Valentine’s gift. For instance, I avoid roses like the plague and instead get tulips, which are one of my faves. As for candy that’s not slathered with “love”, it gets kind of hard. So, grabbing a bag of peanut M&Ms usually works for me. However, on February 15th, I’m going to snatch all the clearance Valentine’s candy I run across. 😊

As for dinner, I’m going to eat what I want – no matter if I’m eating alone or with someone. As for me, my go-to “this is for me” meal is a nice steak with roasted potatoes and green beans. Actually, I think this is exactly what I’m going to have tomorrow, because why not? *shrugs* Plus, I haven’t had a good steak since I my fast off meat ended a couple of weeks ago. Of course, picking up your favorite fast food meal can still hit the spot.

Again, no matter if I spent the evening alone of with someone, the night is going to end with my skincare routine. I’m going to break out the best of the best, which I’m actually looking forward to doing.

What are some Valentine’s Day ideas that you do you? Share below!

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