LUST-HAVE LIST: August 2020

Lust-Have List: August 2020


Happy August! Usually, August is one of my favorite months – top 5. The main reason I like August is because it’s totally okay to start getting into fall. Fall is my favorite season. Although, Fall doesn’t begin until September, August is definitely the cocktail party before the main event.

Unfortunately, due to the poop storm that is 2020, it’s taking me a little longer to get into wanting buy fall decor and stalk boots. I know I’ll eventually get into the spirit, but I’m just on a slight delay. As long as I beat Starbucks revealing that PSL (pumpkin spice lattes, in case you don’t speak basic b*Tch) are back, I’ll be okay.

Here’s the small, but important list of things I want to acquire this month. Actually, I think all of these are really attainable…for once.

LUST-HAVE LIST: August 2020

  • Bathroom Counter Organizer – This past weekend, I finally put some shelves up in my bathroom to help store my skincare products. They were taking up all of the counter space. I now have space to add a small, but chic organizer for my cotton rounds and swabs. I’m really into this one I spotted over on Amazon and will probably pull the trigger on my next Amazon order in a couple of weeks.
  • Full Dense Fan Brush – During one of my nightly binges of TikTok videos, I discovered that I needed a dense fan brush. They are great for applying most powder makeup, including this one from It! Cosmetics for Ulta. I’ve tried a few brushes from this line and feel confident that I would appreciate this one.
  • Wooden Wide Tooth Comb – I’ve been doing my best to keep my hair in good shape. Wooden combs are better than plastic one, because they help circulate blood and encourage hair growth. Plus, plastic can sometime snag your hair, which is no bueno por me. This wooden comb is wide tooth and great for curly hair, which I’m known to rock on numerous occasions.
  • Radiance Nourishing Body Oil – The current state of the world has made me want to treat myself more. For example, I currently have standing hair and facial appointments – best decision ever. I want to step up my bath and shower routine by adding a nice luxe body oil to the team. Based on the reviews I’ve read, this body oil by BeautyBio sounds amazing. Plus, the ingredients and scents sound like it’s right up my alley. I love body oils, fyi.
  • Cooper Bakeware Set – I’ve reached the point of weekend self-quarantine where I want to cook and bake more. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the bakeware I need, but the set from Ayesha Curry has all the basic and then some. Plus, it looks copper, which is apparently my color of the moment. Not mad.


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