Hey, June! June is one of those lowkey significant months, because it’s when we enter the last half of the year. I guess can call it the beginning of the end! LOL Either way, I’m actually looking forward to this month, because I’m cashing in some much needed vacation days this month. In a couple of weeks, I will take a staycation to my apartment, but I will venture out. I have a few plans with some friends and fam, but nothing too hectic. Well, there is that mini road trip my sister and I might take, but who knows.

What I do know, is that I need some new things in my life. My apartment is finally coming together, which I’m so grateful for. It’s wild how a couple of pieces of new furniture and some art can make a space feel like home. So, now that I feel my space is starting to take form, I need or redirect my energy to my style.

I can’t believe it, but I’m finally over my 2020 sweatpants everyday era. It was fun, cozy, and gave what it needed BUT I’m trying to be outside this summer and they don’t fit into the looks in my head. They might make a special appearance here and there, but I’m wanting easy dresses, some flowy pants, and casual chic tops. I did buy a dress this weekend, which is more work-friendly. Still, a dress was bought.

So, this month’s Lust-Have List is more fashion and style heavy with a peek into my ideal summer 2021 vibes.


  • Rouched Strap Wedges – Love the look of these rouched teva-esque sandals! Digging the platform and all the color option. I want them all, but the yellow are at the top of my list.
  • Orly Gel polish in Tangerine Dream – I live in neon nail polish in the summer. So, I was all about Orly’s new electric neon polish collection. Of course, I wanted them all, but I don’t have any polish like this neon tangerine orange color. This will pop on tanned skin – trust me.
  • Brown Faux Woven Tote – I have a brown leather tote in this same shade of brown and it’s well loved. However, this one from Aldo is more functional, not too big, and comes with a strap.
  • Cateye Tortoise Sunglasses – I need some cateye style sunnies that aren’t black. These may work and I’m going to Target after work to try these on. Wish me and my fat face luck.
  • Pastel Camo Tee Shirt – I have the traditional green camo version of this tee from Old Navy and feel obligated to get this pastel version. Cute. P.S. I see that Old Navy is (finally) stepping up their plus size fashion styles. A lot of cute top options that aren’t graphic tees. Thank God! #Amen

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