LUST-HAVE LIST: November 2023

LUST-HAVE LIST: November 2023


We made it to November, which means it’s practically Christmas! Well, maybe not just yet, but I know people have already begun pulling out their boxes of decorations. I had planned to take my tree out last weekend, but I forgot that Dias de Muertos was this week. I usually pack my Day of the Dead decor with fall and my BFF gave me an altar for my birthday. My altar is for my mom, who was Mexican American, which I’m going honor.

However, this weekend, I have a feeling that my apartment will be looking a little fa la la. Although the December Lust-Have List is basically my Christmas wishlist, this month’s list are things I can’t take a chance on my personal Santa Clauses not getting for me.

So, check out this month’s Lust-Have List for November 2023.

LUST-HAVE LIST: November 2023

  • Pumpkin Dutch Oven – The pumpkin dutch oven was hard to find item last year and I need to get one. The traditional pumpkin one is nice, but this cream one is versatile.
  • Eagles Jersey Ornament – Isn’t this jersey ornament adorable? However, it turns into a bag charm when the tree comes down. GO BIRDS!
  • Powerhold High Waisted Legging – If you’ve never experienced Fableti leggings, you need to change that ASAP! They make my go-to legging, but I’ve lost some weight since buying them. Therefore, they don’t compress like they use to and I need another pair – probably a couple!
  • Cute Compression Socks – Speaking of compression, I need to add compression socks, too. I started working out more and compression helps with muscle soreness and these are super cute.
  • Perfume Sampler Set – I bought this sample set last year, because you get a card to select a full size of one of the sample in the set. I got it last year and even did a TikTok series of me trying a new scent everyday to help figure out which one I wanted. In the end, I selected YSL Black Opium, which smells so good. I want to do it again this year and see which scent I select. I’m already excited!

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