Make-Up Monday…Estee Lauder Vivid Shine Collection f/ Lip Luminizors

I’m all about rich purples and pinks right now, when it comes to make-up. So, Estee Lauder’s new Vivid Shine collection is fabulous to me!

The collection features bold and bright shades of purple and pinks for eyes, lip, and nails. However, the one item I’m fascinated with and geeked to try are the Lipstick Luminizors.

You apply the luminizors over your lipstick for to add a new and color, finish, and overall dimension to your lipstick. The lipstick luminizors are available in 4 different shades; Gunmetal ( turns color deep, dark, dramatic), Lame’ (adds warmth with a golden finish), Pearlescent (lightens color with a pearly glow), and Foil (adds a cool silvery finish).

Stay Stylish!

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