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current skin serums

Over this past year, one of the best things I did for my skin was including skin serums into my skincare routine. Unfortunately, I was too naive to realize the power of including serums in your skincare routine. Recently, I’ve become dedicated to including a serum into my morning and nighttime skincare routine. My skin has improved drastically since I’ve introduced skin serums to my routines. My skin’s texture and complexion have improved over the past couple of months since I’ve added serums. Also, my breakouts are a lot more scarce.

Like most skincare products, there are serums to apply in the morning and some to apply at night. My go-to serum to put on the morning is the Niacinamin 10% from The Ordinary. This serum is formulated to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and congestion, which it has done for my skin. I noticed that skin looked and felt smoother withing a week. Also, I experienced way less breakouts. Although you can use this serum in morning and at night, I’m only using it in the morning for now.

At night, I rotate between two different serums: Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum and The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension. Both of theses serums contain Vitamin C to aid in brightening the skin and improve aging skin. I tend to use the Valentia serum more, because it has the anti-aging loving retinol. I’ve already mentioned this serum before and it’s still good. I’ve only used the Vitamin C Suspension a few times, because it was recommended to use in conjunction the Niacinamin serum. Unfortunately, like with most powerful Vitamin C products and serums, it takes a while for it to truly work on your skin.

Actually, if you’re skin is sensitive like mine, it might cause your skin to breakout before helping your skin. Since this serum is very strong, I occasionally add it to my night cream instead of applying it directly to my skin. Recently, I decided to stop using this serum until I’m through with the Valentia serum. So, I might have to update you on this one in a couple of months.

If you aren’t incorporating skin serums into your skin care routine, you might want to add one or two ASAP! They are just too many benefits to to having a skincare routine that contains a serum. Trust me, your skin will thank you.




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