No 2023 New Year Resolution For Me

Let me preface this by saying that I’ve never been a “New Year, New Me” girlie. However, I do tend to start each new year with a new and mostly attainable goal. However, this year, I’ve decided to not partake in any 2023 new year resolution.

No 2023 New Year Resolution | STAINED COUTURE

After hearing some people’s take on new year resolutions, I’ve completely rethought my take on them. Keep reading to see what I mean.

First of all, it just seems weird to ask that I attempt to completely change aspects about me and my life…in the middle of winter. Winter is meant for hibernating, which also means rest. Are you really ready to remake over your whole life when you are still tired from the holiday rush?

Speaking of the holidays, holiday depression is real. I’m still trying to recoup from trying to finish the final work quarter off strong while figuring out the perfect gift for everyone one on my shopping list. Talk about being exhausted. However, do you know what’s more exhausting than that? Trying to get back to my daily norm while trying to add more to it. Gong back to work to answer 2 weeks of emails and creating a time to take on a new activity sounds like too much.

Still, I do know that there are some people that set resolutions on January 1st and stick to them. So, yes, I know it’s possible to start the new year with new goals and healthy habits that work. I’ve even done it before, but I want to try something new this year. Instead of joining everyone and their old cats with new goals on January 1st, I decided to go ahead and finish resting this winter. Once winter begins to wind down, I will begin to prepare for my spring awakening.

In case you didn’t know, Spring is all about new beginnings. After a cold a frigid winter, things begin to thaw and grow – this can include people. Spring, as season, symbolizes a fresh season and encourages starting over. The warmth of Spring re-awakens us after Winter and brings life back into us. Spring sounds like the perfect time to pour more back into you and your life. The first day of Spring in 2023 is March 20, which doesn’t seem too far or too soon. So, it seems like a perfect day to have an idea of what you would like to work on or improve about yourself.

I mean, what difference would it make if you begin in January or March or even August? Deciding to make any change is definitely a “to each their own”. However, for me, I think Spring is the right move. What about you?

Are you team No 2023 New Year Resolution, too? Share below!

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