Organizing: My Hair Tackle Box

Last night, I was prepared to pin curl my hair, but in order to do that I had to dig through the the little white plastic basket that I jam with my random hair accessories. At that moment, I was over the little corner of disorganization on my hair shelf and felt like no time was better than to snap that in the bud. Keep reading to see photos of my organization process to tackle this mess.

The basket harbors everything from gaggles of bobby pins to extremely dirty brushes and broken combs. The first thing I did was decide that I needed to separate the hair accessories from the tools (i.e. combs and brushes) The combs and brushes stay in the white basket and everything else got moved to my empty Easter basket from last year (Who said 27 was too old to get an Easter basket?).

For some random reason, I  bought 2 round brushes in the same week, because I knew the one I had needed to be put to rest. I’ve had this brush for over 5 years.

Don’t worry, I haven’t used it in over a year. I’m a little embarrased to show this picture, but it’s the truth. Unfortunately, I never got around to throwing it away..until last night along with a broken comb and some overworked and abused elastic bands.

Now, my brushes and combs are rolling around in the roomy basket. Fist bumps for the babyhair toothbrush!

Now, my hair accessories (i.e headbands, bobby pins, and clips) are tucked nicely in an oversized basket with room to add.

Stay Stylish!

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