SELF-CARE: 3 Things I Do Most Mornings

I’m one of those people that always try to find things that bring me peace and joy everyday. No matter how small or insignificant it may be OR how if it’s not an instant gratification. This is one of the reasons I’m very big into self-care. If it brings me joy, I proclaim that I’m doing it in the name of self-care.

Self Care Morning Routine | STAINED COUTURE

Because I am into self-care, I try incorporate as many moments of self-care into my day as possible. However, I feel that the moments I create in the morning are the best and they tend to dictate the rest of my day. Keep reading to see the 3 things that I try to do every morning in the name of self-care.

The first thing I do is stretch, because old. Stretching is one of those activities that seems so easy until you realize you are getting old OLD. When I would get out of bed in the morning, my bones sound like I was transforming into a cargo ship. However, since I’ve been dedicating time to stretch each morning, it’s been helping me not feel so stiff in the morning. Plus, my body is not so tight and tired throughout the day. Ideally, I would like to do generous 10-15 minute routine everyday, but sometimes I only have time for a 3-5 minute routine off Youtube.

The next thing I try to do every morning is make breakfast. Actually, making breakfast is something I enjoy doing, even if it’s just some scramble eggs and potatoes. For most of my life, I was not a breakfast person, but that changed a few years ago. I realized that I enjoyed making a mostly healthy breakfast and eat it while catching up on social media or planning my day. This has helped make my mornings more enjoyable. Now that it’s getting hot, I’ve been gravitating more towards smoothies and fresh fruit, but it still brings me joy.

SELF-CARE: Youtheory Immune+ Supplements | STAINED COUTURE

Finally, I take my vitamins and supplements. So, I’ve always been a fan of taking daily supplements, but I did fall off here and there. However, that good ol’ 2020 pandemic made me get right back on course. I have few that I take here and there, but I always take my multivitamin and the Immune+ daily wellness from Youtheory. The Immune+ contained the main things recommended to boot your immune system when coronavirus hit; Vitamin C, Zinc, and D3. I was taking all those individual for most of last year, but then I was sent these. I take these everyday. Not only have I not missed a day, but I also haven’t been sick. My allergies haven’t been that bad either this year, which is wild for me.

What are some of your favorite things that you do for daily self-care?

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