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Last month, you all might remember that I received some products from Skin Authority. I received the Eye Lift Duo, but there was a slight sensitive bump and addition in the road to get to this review. So, keep reading to find out what I think!

I’m 28 years old and I’m addicted to anti-aging products. I’m not yet worried about sagging skin, but I’m OBSESSED with wrinkles around my eyes. However, I don’t have any wrinkles or those diabolical crows feet around my eyes and I want to keep it that way!

So, I was more  than excited to try the Eye Lift Duo! The kit comes with the Dramatic Eye Lift and the Moisturizing Lift Cream. After cleaning your skin, you apply the Eye Lift delicately under the eye and apply a thin layer of the Lift Cream to areas on your face that need to be hydrated and firmer.

I’m a HUGE fan of the Moisturizing Lift Cream! I use it as my night time moisturizer and I wake up to supple, firm and moisturized skin. Its not too thick or creamy and it just melts into the skin. The BF bought me another one a couple of weeks ago!

Unfortunately, the Eye Lift and I weren’t compatible, because of my uber sensitive eyes. I really wanted to love this, but the watery and aggravated eyes thought otherwise. So, my BFF Nic grabbed it just to give it a whirl and homegirl is head over heels in love with it, because it has seemed to put a stop to the small wrinkles she was starting to form around her eyes. Not to mention, the skin around her eyes looks and feels firmer, which makes the under eye concealer look extremely better and stay on longer.

In return to me giving her a new skin BFF, she returned the love by buying me the Skin Authority Reviving Eye Brightener. Although I don’t worry about wrinkles under my eyes, I do worry about dark circles. I don’t have them, but I do feel my under eyes could be a lot brighter and thanks to this product they now are! Unlike the Eye Lift, this doesn’t aggravate my eyes and they look brighter! Yippee! I definitely see myself ordering this in the near future.

You can buy the Eye Lift Duo or buy the items separately, but its cheaper to buy the kit. Gotta love savings. Speaking of savings, the $72 price tag for the skin brightener is a little steep, but its definitely worth saving for!

Stay Stylish!

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