Sporty Sandals To Kick It In

Please feel free to judge me, but I’m so here for sporty sandals this spring. I had a pair my freshman year of college that I ordered from JC Penney and I wore them all the time. A sandal with the sole of a sneaker combined with the straps of a casual sandal was my vibe. Needless to say, when I started seeing these throwback styles reappear, I’m ready.

sporty sandals

Hopefully, the style will catch on so some of the “fast fashion” spots will produce cute and cheaper options. In the meantime, please view and ponder some options that are currently available.

I’ve been fawning over these stone and strappy pair from Ash for the past couple months. Unfortunately, it was too cold to fathom purchasing at the time. Now that the weather is warming, I feel I need them now.

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Bayport’ look a lot more comfy and more sporty. Loving the ridged sole and clean design. There’s also a purple and black option with a flat sole, in case you want some color.

Marc Jacobs Somewhere Sport sandal

Marc Jacobs sporty sandal is colorful and offered in a few colorways. The style takes a design and elements from various styles of athletic sneakers, which makes the design very cool and interesting.

Do you think you can take on sporty sandals for spring?

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