BEACH TOTES: Summer 2023

Summer Beach Totes 2023


As I mentioned, I’m currently planning a beach vacation for late summer. This weekend, I did square away the room and rental car, which has me excited to go even more. However, now it’s time to start figuring out everything I need. Honestly, I think I have enough clothes, because I plan to loaf in shorts and bathing suits.

I wasn’t prepared the last time I went to the beach. It was a last minute invite and I didn’t have time to plan. Plus, I didn’t think that I would enjoy being on the beach for too long, because I don’t like heat. However, I was really wrong and it was so relaxing and perfectly warm. So, I plan to be laid out on the beach for an extended amount of time this time and know that I will need a beach bag.

You will need a beach tote to carry your essentials, such as towel, phone and summer books. Check out these fun beach totes for everyone.

Summer Beach Totes 2023

  1. Hola Beaches Straw Tote – I love word play lol
  2. Sheer Orange Mesh Tote – Classic fun summer tote
  3. Mesh Utility Tote Bag – Perfect for family beach day
  4. Oversized Boxy Tote – Classic and 3 different color options
  5. Kids Beach Tote Train Case – For kids, but cute enough for adults lol
  6. Seasonal Straw Tote – 3 different fun sayings
  7. Mesh Beach Tote – Perfect everyday summer tote – on and off the beach
  8. Striped Canvas Beach Tote – Screams summer beach vacation

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