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Coloring Books for Adults


I’ve always been a creative. Growing up, drawing and coloring was my life. I even went to art camp a couple of summers when I was in elementary school. Not to mention, but also earned a handful of awards for my drawings and writing. I don’t know why I stopped coloring and drawing so much. Oh, right, because once you hit junior high/ middle school, drawing and coloring are replaced by technical and computer graphics.

Don’t get me wrong, I love graphic design! Actually, a couple of months ago, I decided to slowly starting up my freelance business again and I’m so excited. However, before I could get to the grind and hustle of graphic design, I had to stir my desire for creating cool and fun designs. Therefore, I reverted back to my favorite childhood pastime; drawing and coloring. Well, I didn’t revert too far back. Instead, I traded in my crayons for gel pens, watercolor markers, and charcoal pencils. Not only is is fun, but there are some great health benefits associated with it, too.

Recently, there was a study released that listed great benefits for adults to color more, including relaxation, exercising fine motor skills and training the brain to focus.

After dusting off my old drawing techniques, I moved on to adjusting to coloring with my new, grown-up art utensils with cheap coloring books from random stores. I will admit that it felt a little more than weird being a childless grown woman shopping for coloring books, but I was so happy. I instantly felt thrown back to looking for certain styles of coloring books. The majority of the coloring books on the shelves are marketed for today’s child. So, there were a lot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and way too many Frozen options. (It’s been over 2 years. Let it go!)

However, a while ago I learned that there were actually adult coloring books. Not “adult” like movies, although I’m pretty sure those exist, but more like adult coloring books that includes cool graphics, illustrations, stress-releasing designs, and fun adult theme. So, cool, right?

So, I’ve decided that I need more of these coloring books for adults in my life (as should you) and I’m starting with these:


Color Me Swoon: Beefcake Edition –  After a long day at the office, I would love to unwind with a glass of wine and color a dreamy picture of Ryan Gosling. Thanks to this Color Me Swoon coloring book, that is actually very plausible. Maybe, after a few glasses of wine, you might get creative and get wonder what a Channing Tatum looks like with a brunette hair or Robert Pattinson with a deep tab. Sexy.


Natural Wonders Coloring Book – This coloring book by Patrick Hruby has my ideal images of illustrations that range from intricate to simple to color bright and bold images. Therefore, this is a great book for kids, adults, or a coloring session for the whole family. Coloring parties!


Color Me Drunk – As a child, there are some things that you just don’t the legal authority to experience, such as voting, living on your own, and drinking while coloring. Color Me Drunk is a drinking and drawing activity books that calls for you to drink (preferably, drunk) and do some of the activities in the book that includes coloring in the line and drawing a straight line, which can be a little tricky under the influence.


Coloring For Grown-Ups Holiday Fun Book – The Coloring For Grown-Ups Coloring books come in various editions, including this holiday edition that has fun (adult-theme) pictures to color for various holidays, including Christmas and Hannukah, and activities. I’m really interested in the “Draw Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweater” page. Fun!


The 1990s Coloring Book All That and a Box of Crayons (Psych! Crayons Not Included.) – This coloring book should bring out all the feels of nostalgia for all the 80s and 90s babies, which is complete with design your own Beanie Babies and illustrations of your favorite 90s sitcom characters. Totally Awesome!


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