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WEEKEND AT HOME: Holiday Greeting Cards


Probably one of my guiltiest pleasures in life is receiving greeting cards in the mail. Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and definitely Christmas. I use to send them out every year, even when I was still living at home in college. However, the past couple of years, it has slipped my mind, but that is changing this year.

I’m planning to send out some Christmas cards this year with my chihuahua, Pepe’, as the handsome cover model, but I’m not completely sold on an idea, yet.

Thanks to technology, there are plenty of online sites that allow you to upload your picture and/or design and send it to you within a few days. The two sites that I love for customized cards and printed needs, including greeting cards, are Canva.comMinted.com and Tinyprints.com. They have a nice large selection of templates that allow you tweak them in various ways, including colors, text, and formatting.

So, this weekend I will buckle down and come up with a design and selection so I can get them in time to send out. Wish me luck!

Stay Stylish!

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