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Small Dining Room Design Inspirations

I’ve decided that my next project is to finally create a dining space in my apartment. Yes, I have a dining area, but I still haven’t used it and I’ve been living there for over 2 years. So, I’m ready to finally try to figure out what I want that space to look and feel like. I’ve been looking at different styled small dining room design and spaces online for inspiration.

Small Dining Room Design Inspirations | STAINED COUTURE

Personally, my home decor style over the years has developed into eclectic details with deep hues of blue and green. Since my living room and dining space is one big open space, both spaces need to miNgle together but noT clash. Hence, this is the main dilemma and casue of my anxiety when I think about this project. Still, I’m ready for this challenge and keep reading to see my current thoughts about how I want to decorate this space.

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