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Brushing Up With… Brush Cleaners!

She’s BBAAACCKK! Yes, in-house beauty junkie, Beautylishus is back with two reviews on two different brush cleaners; Essence of Beauty Brush Cleaner and ELF Brush Cleaner. Keep reading to see her opinions!

Essence of Beauty Brush Cleanser: I’m a Essence of Beauty product fan so when I saw their brush cleaner on the wall I just had to try it! However, I was a tad bit apprehensive because the price was $10.00 for a drugstore brand, but I just sucked up my frugality and went ahead and bought it. When it was time to actually test the product I had hopes that it would be a good quick clean process but I was mistaken. The cleaner did clean the brush, but it wasn’t as fast drying as I would have hoped. The brush smell isn’t very pretty. Somewhat on the strong side. Think of a mixture between a flowery perfume and bleach and that’s what the smell is similar too. The thing that I really did like about this product is how there was no trace of makeup left in the brush. It completely clean and cleared out my eyeshadow brush fully pigmented with mac’s chrome yellow shadow! This product is a pretty okay product to just have, but if I were to skip it during checkout, I most definitely would.

ELF Brush Cleaner: When I received this product in the mail, I didn’t think too much of it because its made by the budget $1 cosmetic company ELF. after realizing that it was apart of their “pro” line, I became reeeeeeally excited  because their black label “pro” items have yet to fail me. This cleanser is a must have because it not only smells good but by the time you are finished cleaning (by brushing the bristles back and forth across a dry fabric) it dry and ready to be used. It also left no trace of color. It’s quick drying,good smelling inexpensive product! This officially stays in my kit. You should have it in your stash also!

Stay Stylish!

The products mentioned in this post were purchased by us and we are in no way sponsored or compensated for the review! 🙁

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