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Classic Coral

Here in Memphis, the weather has been on serious weather mood swings! One day it’s all cold and it looks and feels like winter and then a couple of days later, I’m running errands in a thin boyfriend sweater and cardigans sans coat!

So, I’m not really sure what season I’m in based on the weather and my fashion wants are all over the place. Although its winter, I was instantly pulled into a spring state of mind when I saw this Marc by Marc Jacob Classic Q Little Ukita in what appears to be a true coral. It’s so cute and is the perfect hue of coral to add a pop of color to any muted outfit.

I want.

Stay Stylish!

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Yearly New Wallet

Is it weird that I tend to buy a new wallet every year? Well, I do and I always seem to buy them around the holiday shopping time (Deals!) and they tend to have to be big and bright.

The one I’ve been using for almost a year now is a big BRIGHT yellow XOXO vinyl-like wallet that I bought from Ross for $5 on the Black Friday of last year. I loved it at the time, but now I’m ready to find it’s replacement and I think I found it in this cobalt blue Classic Q wallet from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I’m a sucker for cobalt blue leather anything, PLUS I’ve been wanting a zip around wallet for a while now.

My boss asked me to find something I want for Christmas and let her know. Well, I think I know what I’m going to ask her for now!

Stay Stylish!

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Skortin’ Around

When I was junior high, skorts were all the rage. They were usually just shorts with a big ol’ flap of fabric covering the front. It looked like a skirt in a front, but you could tell they were shorts in the back. As horrible as it sounds in my head as I type the description, I still was all about skorts!

However, like most things, they faded out and have now been slowly trickling back into the fashion limelight. Unlike the skorts that haunt my junior high memories along with Victoria Secret pear scent lotion and Vanilla Fields perfume, the newer skorts are more sophisticated and look more like skirts than a bad fashion hybrid gone terribly wrong.

So, here are a few skorts that I wouldn’t mine introducing to my life and closet! Keep reading for the details!

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Welcome back to my life, hobo!

Here I was, all lovey dovey with my new Jessica Simpson satchel to the point that I was thinking that I should take a break from toting heavy shoulder breaking totes and hobos and give satchels and long strapped handbags a whirl. Then..like a wind..or in this case a click of the mouse, I’m wanting to buy this quilted denim hobo from MARC by Marc Jacobs.

Oohh, it has a strap, too! There goes all the dreams and plans to buy nothing but satchels and long strap handbags. Thanks, Marc!

Stay Stylish!

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