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Metallic Accessories for Spring

Although I do consider myself a pseudo-minimalist since I tend to gravitate towards simple design, clean lines, and neutral shades, there is this part of me that loves shiny, metallic accessories. It’s a very unexpected characteristic for me, but it’s a love that I’ve had since I was a girl. Most girls chose sparkly, but I was all about shiny.

As an adult, I embrace my love of shiny things with shiny, metallic accessories, but not limited to just jewelry. I’m always in awe over seeing a shiny gold clutch, silver shoes, or even a piece of apparel with a metallic overlay of sorts. Despite my love for shiny metallic accessories, I won’t over do it. If I have have on a pair of metallic shoes or carrying a large gold bag (which I have), I’ll pair it with a simple and neutral monochromatic look and minimal jewelry, if any. I’m a one focal point at a time type of girl.

Metallic accessories that are shiny and little gaudy (let’s be honest) are perfect to test and wear in the warmer months. Their fun and stand out on the sunniest of days. Just beware, because when that sun hits it….grab your sunglasses!

If you are into shiny and metallic or thinking about it and want to add more to your spring wardrobe, here are some worthy pieces to consider:

metallic accessories

Rose Gold AviatorsSilver Triple Wrap Bracelet –  Metallic SneakerGold Leather Pouch –  Gold Gladiator Sandals


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