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BODY TONERS: Am I Missing Out?

One of my favorite steps in my skincare routine is applying toner. Toners are awesome, because they help tone and soothe your skin. However, they also help assure you that your face is cleans preps your skin for the next step of a serum and/or moisturizer. I love it, but I never thought to think about toners for your body. Needless to say, now that I know body toners are a “thing”, that’s all I want to try.

Body Toners

Just like face toners, body toners are used to help tone your skin and, at times, treat it. Currently, I’ve been doing the absolute most with my nightly showers with all of my layers of cleansing and moisturizing. I guess I can squeeze in one more step, especially if it will have my body glowing like slick seal laying out in the sun. #SkinGoals

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Best Toners For Every Skin Type


Aside from moisturizing, my favorite step in my face washing process is toning my skin. People tend to overlook the importance of having a toner in their skin care regimen. Typically, toners are used to calm your skin down after cleansing and/or exfoliation and prep it for your serums and moisturizers. However, most toners offer other benefits other than calmness.

In my 30+ plus years on this planet, I’ve had the pleasure to use quite a few toners. Some have been ridiculously amazing and some have been the equivalent of dirty toilet water that broke my skin out for weeks (Hello, Sea Breeze!) and added to my personal “Never Buy Again” list.

Luckily, I’ve had way more hits than misses and I’ve concocted a list of some of my favorite toners I’ve ever used and borderline abused. Maybe, your dream toner is below, waiting for you to try it!

  • fresh Rose Floral Toner – This is perfect for those of you blessed with normal skin who would just like to add a calming and revitalizing toner after cleansing your skin
  • Perricone MD Intensive Pore Minimizer – All my oily/acne prone peeps, this is the toner for you. Perricone MDs is very potent and helps minimize enlarged pores, smooths skin, and gently exfoliates without drying the skin. This is a holy grail for my super oily summertime skin.
  • Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 – If could only use one toner for the rest of my life, Clinique’s toner in formula 2 would get my coins for my eternity, because of it’s gentleness, refreshing feel , and refining my pores for a clear complexion.
  • Lancome Tonique Confort Rehydrating Toner – People with dry skin tend to be the main culprits when it comes to skipping toners, because they feel it dries their skin even more. Actually, there are toners that help tone, calm, and hydrate your skin and Lancome makes one of the best rehydrating toners to give the softest and smoothest skin. Plus, it smells devine.
  • SK-II Facial Treatment Essence – The most luxurious toner that will tone, exfoliate, moisturize refreshes, and smooths your skin. Its pricey, but it’s the queen bee’s knees!

Stay Stylish!

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