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What I Learned From Taking A Staycation


Aside from this blog and side hustles associated with blogging, I have a full-time 9-6 job. You read that right. Yes, I’m expected to sit at a desk in a cubicle in front of 2 monitors, 9am – 6pm, Monday thru Friday. Not only that, but I’ve been doing that for 4 years. So, to celebrate this wonderful anniversary, I decided to use five out of my 10 allotted vacation days and treat my self to a nice staycation.

FYI, a ‘staycation’ is pretty much taking time off from work and staying home and doing things locally, including possibly staying at a hotel.

For my staycation, I opted to just lounged around my own home and do what I want, when I want, and however I wanted to do them…and it was awesome! However, during this week off from the typical grind from the place that pays for the majority of my health insurance, I did explore ideas I’ve been putting off and even ventured off to a festival and plenty of resturaunts.

In the end, I realized that my staycation helped me appreciate a few things I either forgot about or didn’t think to do. Here a few things I learned recently from taking a staycation.


Cocktails for lunch are great – This lovely cocktail consisted Sugarland Moonshine, topped with lemonade and Sprite and twist of lime. It was so refreshing and the star of my day.


Pizza on the grill should be the norm – Well, cooking barbeque pizza on grill should be the norm. It takes a little longer than in the oven, but authentic smoky flavor just can’t be beat. These pizzas were Papa Murphy’s new BBQ pizza. I had the steak one and I still can’t get over how amazing it was after cooked in the smoked grill. So much so, that there may or may not be a pizza cooked on my grill on Memorial Day. I’m just saying.


I’m Addicted to House Plants – Drawing was my life when I was a child and just recently, I started sketching and drawing again. I’m really into creating and playing around with shapes, graphic prints, and using different mediums. Colorful graphic pens and Sharpies are so nice to have and to hold on a rainy afternoon.


New foundations make me feel better – This Tarte foundation was on my “Need To Try List” for a while. So, while I decided to pick it up while doing a couple of laps around Ulta. It’s full-coverage, which is just what I wanted so I could do spot applications. I’m using it like a concealer, except a really amped up concealer. I’m cutting back on full face makeup all over. It’s just too hot for a full face a glam, no matter how natural.

A boring 9-5 is not for me – …and definitely 9-6 is not for me, which is what I have. I’m very appreciative of having a secure job, but I’m over it and I’m over being over it. After spending a week off and having the pleasure of enjoying life how I want and when I want was exonerating. Although I was off from my “benefits job”, I found the time to stir up some things for my freelance eCommerce consulting and Social Media Marketing business, which has been great. I’m not saying giving up a having a 9-5 ever, just having one that allows me to explore other things I enjoy, at my time and pace.

*Honorable Mention – Refreshing your resume’ isn’t the most fun to have while on vacation, but it needed to be done!

Stay Stylish!

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