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When the season changes, as most people, I change up things. One of the main things in my life that I change up is beauty and skincare. Usually, I just go out and buy a bunch of new stuff, but so far I found a bunch of great stuff in the back of my beauty shelf. Keep reading to see the stuff that I was glad was still lurking around in my bathroom!

Here is a list of things that I needed and was glad they were within reach!

  • Jergens Soft Shimmer – Long time followers of my site might know that I’ve spent plenty of summers having nice shimmery flings with this moisturizer, but I haven’t really been reaching for it as of lately. Recently, my skin decollete was in need of some shimmer, but I didn’t have a powder that I felt was natural enough. So, this little bottle came in handy, but it’s almost empty. Time to buy more.
  • California Baby Aloe Vera Cream – In my recent Avon haul post, you saw that I ordered the facial hair remover for sensitive skin. Sensitive my ASS! That mess burned like mad after a couple minutes and didn’t remove one strand of hair! Waste of money. I went cabinet diving for something to ease the fire that was above my upper lip. Last year, California Baby sent me some of their products to review that included this cream. It soothes instantly and the citrus scent makes it even lovelier! Not to mention, it leaves soft skin and no oil residue. I want order some of this stuff just to keep in my medicine cabinet.
  • M.A.C Fix+ – I ordered this a couple of months ago and only used it twice. I was actually thinking about giving it away, but I’m glad I didn’t. Now that the weather is turning hot and muggy, I spray this on and magically absorbs the oil of my face while leaving my make up in tact and fresh and dewy. Definitely a beauty staple for the spring and summer.
  • Sprite Lip Smacker – This is a true impulse buy. Sometime last year, the drugstore across the street from my job was having a $1 sale on select beauty products and this was the last sprite lip smacker. So, I bought, tried it, didn’t like the way it made my lips white, and put in the back of lipstick section. I couldn’t find my chapstick one morning and used this instead. Instead of trying to smudge the whiteness away, I topped it with my fav fuschia lipstick and the lipstick was true to color thanks to the white residue. Its like using a concealer, but better because its brighter and softens the lips. Also, the lemon-lime scent is heavenly!
  • Suave Healthy Curls Curl Enhancing Spray – I got this bottle as a free sample of something I bought that I can’t recall right now. However, I’ve finally put the flat iron up and rocking my natural curls. So, I use this as a refresher on the mornings when I don’t have time (read: don’t feel like) to do my hair. I just spritz this in and scrunch my curls and get out the door!
  • Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse – I’m not really a mousse girl, but when I don need one, this one seems to work for me. I was glad to see that I still had this in my beauty closet. Beauty bonus: I love the smell of lavender vanilla in anything!
  • Neutrogena Deep Clean Oil-Controlling Mask – I think this has been discontinued, because I can’t find it anywhere, not even on the Neutrogena site. So, I plan to portion control the rest I have. Its a clay based mask that has helped me suck up oil in your skin, while leaving your skin smooth and firm.

Stay Stylish!

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