Timeless Backpack That I’ve Settled On

When it comes to buying items that I know I will hardly use, but will need, I look timeless looks. When it comes to a backpack, I feel like I need one. Although I would rarely, if ever, carry this bag,  I know having one will come in handy. So, I’ve been trying to decide on a timeless backpack to buy to have when needed.

Timeless backpack

After bookmarking roughly 25 different options, I finally settled on one that I now believe everyone should consider owning. Keep reading to see which one I picked and why.

I written and fawned over countless backpacks over the years, but I’ve yet to buy one for me. However, I’ve bought a few as gifts, but not for me. After many hours of online gazing and few in-person trips, I’ve finally decided that the perfect backpack for me is the Madewell Transport Rucksack.

The first thing that made me gravitate towards this backpack is the brand, Madewell. In my opinion, Madewell makes some of the most affordable, high-quality leather goods. My transport tote has aged so beautifully over the years and it’s still in pretty good condition even though I used it for about 2 years straight. So, I think it’s safe to assume the backpack from the same line and color will do the same.

Madewell transport rucksack timeless backpack

When it comes to timeless pieces, the details should be simple and clean. This shape of this backpack is not boxy or too round. Plus, the stitched drawstrings and stud closures are minimal details and easy use. Also, the top handle makes it easier to grab and go.

The next thing and one of the important factors in my selection process is the price. Of course there are plenty of timeless backpack options out there, but not that many under my $200 max. Also, the reason $200 was my max is because I knew I wanted a nice leather backpack. However, since I knew it wouldn’t be an everyday item, I didn’t want to spend an insane amount on something that would barely see the light of day. Thankfully, this bag just made the cut being priced at $198.

An honorable mention goes to the fact that this backpacks is available in my favorite leather cognac shade of English leather and in classic black. Can you go wrong with a black leather backpack? I think not.

Do you have a timeless backpack? If so, drop the brand below!

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