Tips To Help You Fall Asleep

Did you know that we are currently smack dab in the middle of national sleep week? Technically, it’s National Sleep Awareness Week, but same things. Monday was national napping day and this Friday is national sleep day. I’m fully invested in both of these days. I’m a firm believer in the power and importance of getting enough sleep everyday. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be hard to fall asleep; no matter how tired you feel. Yes, even I have those days, but I also have tips and tricks to help you fall asleep.

Tips To Help You Fall Asleep | STAINED COUTURE

Now, some of these tips and products may be a little controversial, but they have worked for me and others. So, keep reading to see what works for me when I need to go to sleep ASAP!

Recently, I got a weighted blanket after telling everyone I know that I wanted one for months. Funny thing – even though it’s called a weighted blanket I didn’t realize just how heavy they were. Personally, my weighted blanket weighs 15 pounds. However, it feels like 50 pounds when I fold it up to get it dry cleaned. However, it’s been pretty magical when helping me fall asleep. A weighted blanket is just a way for an adult to feel like a swaddled baby. A weighted blanket helps keep you securely in place as if you’re being hugged to sleep. They come in different weights and sizes, but 15 pounds works for me.

2019 might be the year of CBD oil. In case you aren’t aware, CBD is short for cannabidiol. Cannabidol is a chemical compound from the cannabis plant and aids in relaxation and calmness. You can use CBD oil via different products, such as patches, creams, and oil. I’ve only used the oil version, which I use by massaging my face with a couple of drops. It helps soothe me and calm me down to gently float to sleeps. CBD is my new favorite thing.

However, if you still are wary of CBD oil, you can always use melatonin. I discussed using melatonin to help improve your quality of sleep, because it helps you fall asleep peacefully. This is still my go-to when I have a bout of amnesia.

What’s something that you do to help you fall asleep? Share below!

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