Useful Resume Tips

Useful Resume Tips

Useful Resume Tips | STAINED COUTURE

Last month, I officially started my new position as Manager of Operations at my job. Super excited! Before I could official start the position, I had to find someone to replace my last position. I’m happy to say that I found a great person for the job. She’s been with the company a month now and no regrets. During the process of reviewing hundreds of resumes, I realized some stood out. Therefore, helped push those candidates resume to the interested list. Are you are currently looking for a new job and need some suggestions on how to make your resume more efficient? Well, keep reading to see my tips. Please note that these suggestions are coming from someone who recently had to review resumes for a new position.

Omit Years – I heard this tips a couple of years ago, because the dates you completed school and work experiences could age you out in the filter. Although, I manually looked at all the resumes, some bigger HR departments have software to filter out people that might have too much experience a.k.a too old. It sucks and not fair, but ageism is real. So, being able to see you graduated high school over 20 years ago may cause you to be overlooked.

Omit High School – Speaking of high school, leave it off you have some college or trade school experience. It’s pretty obvious that if attended post secondary, then you completed high school or GED program. Save that space for more important information.

Customize – I know from first hand experience of catering your resume to the job you are applying. Customize your resume for each job that you’re applying to only include experience and skill sets that pertain to the job.  It sounds tedious, but it pays off and helps the recruiter or HR representative to see just the things that they are looking for in their ideal candidate.

Transparent Objective – Personally, I hate having to write an objective for my resumes, because they all sound so deadpan and blah. So, I would try to use that to show my personality, but too much. Also, feel free to share a little of your personal life (i.e. mom of 2), because those features might stick out. Plus, it will let the recruiter know up front if you and the position will work. The candidate that I ultimately hired included that she had 2 kids. So, I knew that our hours and schedule would work for her, plus she had the experience.

What some of the best useful resume tips that you’ve received?

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