Work Bags for Walking Commute

Work Bags for Walking Commute

Work Bags for Walking to Work | STAINED COUTURE

It’s been almost a monthsince my job moved just a 5 minute walk away. However, I’ve yet to take that 5 minute walk, becasue I’m still trying to prepare. It’s s a quick walk that I’ve taken before. However, I will have to cross a major street – the nearest crosswalk will add another 5-10 minutes. Also, when I’ve taken that walk before, it was part of my hot girl walk andI only had my keys, phone, and vibes.

Unlike the other walks, I need to carry a purse for things I need to take to work and/or back home. My office is located right next to my grocery store, which means I grab some things to take home for dinner. Plus, there are some more lunch option, but my diet and budget may require me to bring lunch more. Therefore, I’m looking for a new purse work¬† that easy to carry and spacious.

So, here are some bags that I think will work for walking to work and one may work for you, too!

Work Bags for Walking Commute

  • Small Nylon Bag – I love a good nylon bag, because they can handle the occasional coffee spill. This one is available in 20+ colors
  • Mini Fabric Tote – This fabric tote is not too big or small – will work for bare work essentials or half-days.
  • Cutout Leather Tote – Honestly, I was immediately obsessed with this leather Madewell tote. Madewell really knows how to make quality leather goods at affordable prices.
  • Faux Leather Shopping Bag – This shopper bag is huge and would work if you carry alot of things, including a laptop.
  • Triple Compartment Satchel – You can never go wrong with a satchel for work. This one works, because it has 3 comparments and still looks sleek. I loved this olive color so much.

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