20 Things That Changed My Life In 2019

2019 was a while train wreck that we miraculously survive. For me, it was legit roller coaster of emotions, life events, and me trying to hold on to happiness. So, I decided to share a list of things that changed my life in 2019. Some were good and some were bad – those bad ones were bad BAD.

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So, keep reading to see the things that changed my life in 2019, but will help me in 2020.

20 Things That Changed My Life in 2019

  1. Moved to a new place – I spent most of last year wanting to move to a new space, but finally bite the bullet earlier this year in March. It’s taken some time and it’s not completely “set-up”. but I’m loving the space.
  2. Living by myself – Before I moved, I hadn’t lived by myself in a few years, because I shared a house with  my baby sister to help her out. However, after she had my nephew, I needed my space. I almost forgot how much I love living by myself – it feels so free. #IntrovertLife
  3. Learned better eating habits – All my life, I’ve had weight issues, which I’ve come to terms with. Still, doesn’t mean that I’m not going to try to improve it. This summer, unintentionally, I lost quite a few noticeable pounds. This was mainly in part to me lowering my caloric intake, eating real food, and moving a little more. I did gain some of it back during the fall and over the holidays. However, I’m getting back to eating better, again.
  4. Strengthened relationships – I don’t have relationships with too many people, but I value the ones I do have. Therefore, I realized that I needed to show that I value them. This means checking in on them and making random plans to meet up for breakfast or dinner. I haven’t done it as often as I would like, but I’m not going to keep improving.
  5. Made ‘No’ a complete sentence – When I say “No.”, I also let people know that that doesn’t leave room for negotiation.
  6. Laid off from my job – Whew. This was a big one and defined my 2019, but in a completely bad way. Back in March, I was laid off from my job after almost 8 year, but I wasn’t that sad. Stressed, but not sad. I had been wanting to find a new job in a career that I enjoyed, but never really looked LOOKED. I tell people that I think God as tired of hearing me complain about wanting another job, but trying to find one.
  7. Strengthen my faith – Losing your comfortable job after 8 years will have you praying harder than ever. However, since I already had faith and felt that I was going through that season for a reason, I knew the rainbow at the end was going to be amazing.
  8. Joined a gym – Before I randomly joined a gym in September, it had been a few years since I had joined/been to one. Although, I haven’t gone that much, I feel the desire to go more than I used to in the past. I’m working on making it priority and scheduling visits into my week. Losing weight is not one of my goals for 2020. However, going to the gym regularly is a goal.
  9. Focused on interests – After I lost my job, I decided to focus on things that interested me and devoting more time to those things while spending less time on things that didn’t.
  10. Starting focusing on things that impassioned me – Once I started focusing on things that interested me, it lead me to things that I realized stirred a passion in me. For example, I love learning and sharing what I learned, which is one of the things I want to add back to my blog. speaking on my blog.
  11. Lost interest in blogging (briefly) – Yes, it happened, I briefly lost my interest in blogging. I used to try to post 3-5 times a week, but I slowly started to lose interest. There were a few reasons why, but mostly because I got caught up in comparing my content and readership to others. Also, not being that interested in the content I was creating. However, I recently started thinking about new topics and getting inspiration from new follows. So, I’m excited.
  12. Focused on the future more – For the last few years, I’ve been on a “Live in the moment” kick with a dash of “You can’t take it with you” sprinkled in for flavor. However, I had to realize that I do care about the livelihood of future me, which means taking better care of myself and my finances.
  13. Gained a new job in a dream field – Back in July, I started a new job for a cosmetics company as a eCommerce Manager. Last year, when I was pondering about what I wanted in a new job, I wrote down “to work for or with a cosmetic or skincare company”. It seemed unrealistic to get  job in this field in my neck of the woods, but look at GOD! Not only is in the field I wanted to be in, but in a position in eCommerce. One of my first main jobs was in eCommerce and I’ve been wanting to get back in it. Here I am!
  14. Watched my nephew learn new things – I can never recall a time in  my life that I wanted kids. Thought about it, but never gained the desire. Thankfully, my sibling had the desire and I have 2 amazing nephews. My newest one turned one back in September and it’s been a joy to see him grow and learn new things. It’s fascinating to see a child discover things for the first. Mind blowing.
  15. Developed a crush – I forgot the feeling that come along with having a crush. Maybe, having a crush after so many years helps you feel young and free. Plus, it doesn’t hurt when you have a feeling that your crush is crushing on you, as well. 😉
  16. Started a new hobby – In 2019. I started to get into doing my own nail art. Of course, I still go and get my nails done professional. However, between visits when I can’t find the time for an appointment, I enjoy doing them myself. It’s another way for me to be creative and save some coins.
  17. Improved my sleep pattern – Having a healthy sleep pattern has been something that I’ve focused on the last few years and really honed it in 2019. After dinner, I usually wash my face, tidy up (if needed), and find a new podcast episode to help me fall asleep. I’m usually deep in sleep by no later than 10 and my body naturally wakes me up – no later than 5. Feels so peaceful.
  18. Lost a pet – In November, my old man chihuahua Pepe’ passed away in his sleep. Over the last couple of years, he started to slow down and visually aged. His hair went from mostly black to grey. So, I knew his time was coming, but it still left me blubbering mess when it happened. It took me a few days to feel better, because I know he’s doing amazing now.
  19. Learned to do without – Losing my job forced me to have to cut back on many things I usually enjoyed (i.e. Saturday morning Target runs and daily Starbucks). Although I didn’t enjoy not being able to do those things, it taught me that I don’t need to do those things.
  20. Started to love myself more – The older I get, the more I learn about me. The more I learn about me, the more I love the things that make me. It feels good and I can’t wait to continue madly, deeply in love with myself in 2020.

Did you experience some things that changed you in 2019? If share one below.

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