3 Things I Wish I Did Before Bed

I’m definitely a creature of habit and I live for a consistent routine. However, one routine I’ve been having a hard time nailing down is a nighttime routine. When I say “nighttime routine”, I’m not talking about my skincare routine, which I’m always changing. The nighttime routine I’m referring to is a list of things I do before bed. Although I’m really good at having and maintaining my morning rituals of scrolling Instagram while sipping coffee, my nights are random.

Things I wish I did before bed



Over the past couple of months, my sleep quality hasn’t been as good as it has been in the past. I truly believe this is because I’ve been inconsistent with straying away from my set bedtime and also not using my time wisely before bed. There are some things I can do before going to bed that will not only help me sleep a little better, but also give me more time the next day. So, keep reading to see the things that I wish I did before going to bed.

Things I Wish I Did Before Bed: Pick Out Outfit for Next Day


The first week of school was the only time that I made laying out my planning my outfits out the night before was priority. However, other than preparing for a job interview, I haven’t planned my outfits out the night before in ages. One of the main reasons is because I’m a moody dresser. Some days I might wake up feeling like I want a feminine look with a cute skirt and flats. However, on days when I wake up a little later than normal it’s a leggings and oversized sweater day.

So, if pick out my outfit the night before, there is a strong possibility that I will change my mind. However, I’m sure there will be more times that I just stick with the outfit choice. I guess I can try this out to see if it saves me time in the morning.

Things I Wish I Did Before Bed: Stretches


At one point in my life, nightly stretches before bed was my jam. I would light some candles and/or incense, slower the lights or turn them off, and do about 20-30 minutes of stretching. Nothing too strenuous, but deep and relaxing stretches to unwind and help my body relax and to fall asleep faster. Actually, last night, I did about 10 minutes of bedtime stretches and I peacefully fell asleep and woke up. I need to do this more often, especially on days when I’m having a hard time sleeping.

Things I Wish I Did Before Bed: Clean Up

Years ago, one of my favorite things to do was clean my house and do laundry late at night. This was back in my freelancing days and part-time job days. Now, I’ll be lucky if I only have a few dishes in the sink and only a select amount of clothes on the desk chair in my room.

Currently, I trying to pick a good time after I get home to dedicate to tidying up that’s not too close to my bedtime or interfere with my primetime TV schedule. I mean, I refuse to miss a minute of TGIT. REFUSE!

Share some things that you do before bed and why.

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