Current After Work Reset Habits

Current After Work Reset Habits

For the past couple of months, I’ve been feeling very stressed and overwhelmed, which fall under the umbrella of adulting.

After Work Reset Habits | STAINED COUTURE

So, I’ve recently been making adjusts to my after work schedule to help combat these issues. I’ve been categorizing it as being more mindful. I would love to just lounge on my sofa until it gets dark enough for me to head to bed;  it’s not helpful. So, I’ve been making small, but impact changes to my after work reset to help me destress after work.

Keep reading to see these changes and maybe they could help you, too.

The first thingd I do when I leave work  is to stop responding to work emails. This is harder than it sounds, because my work emails come straight to my phone; 24/7. The problem with that is that those emails that only needed a “quick response”, which would immediately put me back in work mode away. Luckily, I have a boss that jokingly “scolds” me if I respond to an email that she sent me after office hours. Her doing that has removed tha self-imposed pressure to feel like I need to answer emails as soon as I get them. So, even if I see an email pop up on my on my phone, I don’t respond until I’m back at work.

Practicing intermittent fasting has been a small game changer for multiple reasons. Starting to do this has helped me be minful of what I eat, which is slowly helpin drop a few pound here and there. Being mindful of what I eat has helped me with my energy, too. Plus, feeling full and slugish makes you feel weighed down with no energy to do anything.

Speaking of more energy, I’ve been making it a point to move my body in the evening. I usually just stIck to a quick walk around the neighborhood after the sun sets. However, sometimes a low-intensity workout on Youtube does the trick. You know who I’ve been missing? Summer 2021 me, because I was going on multiple walks a week and sometimes twice a day. I’m trying to get back to that life, because I felt great; physically and mentally.

Although, I respond to texts throughout the day, I try to do an EOD check-in with my BFF and my family. Checking with others not only makes me feel better, but I hope lets them know someone is thinking about them.

Stick to scheduled bedtime has been another game changer for me. I always try to be in bed by 9;30. Although I’m still working on the falling asleep at a decent time part – I’ve gotten better. However, I try to be asleep by no late than 10:30pm, which gives me the right amount of sleep to peacefully wake up.

Me and these after work habits are still a work in progress, but I feel good abour these small h changes.

What’s an activity from your After Work Reset? Share below!

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